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My 2002 Oldsmobile Alero - Friday, July 10th, 2015.

It's not easy standing up for yourself at times. I just did and am proud of myself. I have my car back but there was damage to my bumper. It was broke from them towing it on a simple towbar type thing much like what you may use to tow a car behind an RV. I spoke to Doug Pattridge from Central Union Autos at 11:25 a.m. Friday, July 10th, 2015 and he has agreed to replace the bumper for me.

It wasn't easy to speak my mind but I did. I offended him when I said that he was being a charmer about inviting myself and my Mother out to eat at Kelley's Woodfired Bistro in Wonewoc, Wi. I suppose he is just trying to be kind. Oh my Mother lives in Beloit, Wisconsin and he said he would come down to get her and bring her up to eat out at Kelleys Woodfired Bistro.

Doug also said that he would do an oil change which he said it needed after the engine had been replaced and then later told me that he had said after 1000 miles which I do not recall that being said. He still needs to get me the invoice for the brakes and the head being done which he had found one for $219 telling me that a new one would have been about $800. I asked him to call me when he felt that he could take care of this. I don't know how long it will be as he does have many things going on.

I told him that I don't want to add to his all ready stresses but that if it were him and he took his car somewhere and the bumper came back broken that I'm sure that he would want it replaced. If not then he's nicer than well and I feel that I have been nicer than I should have been. Is nicer the word really? Should I actually be saying meek? I've been too meek. Yes I need to be more assertive. How else will I get what I need in life I guess. Hmmm. Am I right?

As of August 5th, 2015 Doug Pattridge is now playing stupid with me about the damage done to my bumper. To read more about that click here: To read more about the denial of damage to my bumper and Doug Pattridge playing stupid click here.


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Trying to get an invoice was like pulling teeth. For more about that click here:

Trying to get an invoice was like pulling teeth. For more about that click here:


Below are pictures of my bumper. The red arrows show what damage I had done by parking out behind my apartment building bumping into a telephone pole trying to park. The rest of the damage was from when it was towed over to Central Union Autos.

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Below is a video on how to replace a bumper. Interesting.

Central Union Autos, FB page

Doug Pattridge, owner of Central Union Autos, FB page



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