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I found this site after hearing on Home & Family on Hallmark about Seth Casteel from the show Finding Fido where he helps people find the right dog for them.

Finding Fido with Seth Casteel




The Many Special Benefits of Emotional Support Dogs


It's bad enough that I've went through cancer treatments and lost my beloved animal companions but the apartment is going to hell in a handbasket and the apartment manager has no plans to do any repairs. Oh like Pa Kettle if you know that show from years back he plans on fixing these things one of these days. I'll believe it when I see it. He never did put up even the smoke alarm that he brought over. It sat on my kitchen table for months until my son came home on leave and put it up for me.

Check out the pictures and one video of my ceiling. That happened a few months ago. See it on the link below:

My ceiling. It looks terrible. It was dripping so I had to move the couch etc....


Check out the pictures under my kitchen sink too below. That's been like that but became worse since I first moved in here in 2009. See it on the link below:

Under my kitchen sink that he has said what would need to be done to fix it by replacing the wood underneath there. That was maybe about 2 years ago that we discussed that.



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