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My 2002 Oldsmobile Alero Bumper Damage

Doug Pattridge of Central Union Autos is now going back on his word about replacing my bumper. I spoke to Doug Pattridge from Central Union Autos at 11:25 a.m. on Friday, July 10th, 2015 and he had agreed to replace the bumper for me. It was broke from his technicians, Ron and Allen, towing it on a simple towbar type thing much like what you may use to tow a car behind an RV.

On August 5th, 2015, when taking him back to his shop after he brought my car back to me finally, he stood in front of my car, facing it. He then leans down and grabs what to me looks like mudflap. On the right side of the car as you are facing it he grabbed some mudflap and said "This?" I spoke up and said "No. This all along here." as I swiped my hand across in front of the underneath of the bumper. How could he not know what part of the bumper I meant? The damage practically jumps out at you. He told me that he could put my car on, what he calls the dolly, 30 times. Yes 30 times is what he said. Ok so he said he could put it on the dolly 30 times and if it hit my car bumper even once he would replace the bumper. That's what he has said now. July 10th though he agreed to replace it.

On August 17th, 2015 when speaking to him I made him livid. Oh my yes! I made him livid! I made him livid when I suggested that he was playing stupid with me about the damage to my bumper. In my opinion he was playing stupid. I should hope that he was just playing stupid because if he really is stupid and not playing then I have been a fool to have taken my car to his shop to be worked on.

I know that playing stupid game all too well as my ex husband used to play it with me. So I made little Dougy Pattridge livid. Guess what? I don't care. I didn't care to hear his many stories or shall I say excuses that I heard time after time about why no work had been done on my car. It was many things. The thing that I called him on most about though and told him not to play stupid about was the bumper. He is trying to tell me that his tow contraption did not do this damage to my car.

Check out the pictures below and you will see that yes the dolly could in fact do the damage to the underneath of my bumper. I argued with Doug Pattridge on August 5th, 2015 telling him that it was not my imagination that the damage was done. I stood there watching it happen. I also have the pictures below from April 30th, 2015 showing it being on the dolly. I told him sometime after it was towed that it made me cringe watching it be put up on what he calls the dolly. It made me cringe seeing and hearing the damage being done. If anyone ever shows up to tow your car this way. Refuse immediately! It can damage your car.

Doug Pattridge thinks he was livid? As I told him, just before he hung up on me, I'm 100 times more livid than he is! I'm livid that he would play stupid with me which is a lot of what I got through this whole ordeal. It's been a complete fiasco! I do not trust driving this car as I do not trust the work that has been done on it. I should hope that noone else will have to go through what I have with this shop.

Below are pictures of my car on the contraption that they towed it with.


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Below is a video on how to replace a bumper. Interesting.


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