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August 17th, 2015

Click here to listen to the voicemail mp3 file that Doug Pattridge of Central Union Autos left for me explaining why he took so long to get my invoice(s) to me. He only started working on the 2nd invoice after I told him that I would be posting a review on his business facebook page about how he does not give you your invoices, etc...

Below is the voicemail that Doug Pattridge left for me in text form.

"Kim, I have your invoice and your receipt complete. I have been working on it since we talked. Uh this is I had to dig out some old tax papers, uh um find receipts and do a bunch of other things because when you came here I was in the process of me getting my Mitchel 1 system setup um of which I when I got my new Mitchel 1 system setup the temporary system that they gave us which is what your order was on was deleted and therefore uh I had to take information all the way back from there and try to decipher it out between bank accounts and all that which is why it's takin me a couple hours to do which is why uh when I've gotten busy here and I can't get into it and then I get interrupted and I have to go back to it and I've gotta start all over again looking for the stuff so I took me quite a while regardless I've got your receipts and your invoices done. Let me know if you want me to mail them to you or if you're going to come and pick them up. Thanks."

*Note: He had since April 30th, 2015 to get the invoice to me. He did not get it to me until August 17th, 2015. Where he says that he has been working on it since we talked would have been 11:38 a.m. when I called him August 17th, 2015. He left this voicemail for me at 2:19 p.m .on August 17th, 2015.

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Trying to get an invoice was like pulling teeth. For more about that click here:

Trying to get an invoice was like pulling teeth. For more about that click here:


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