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This is my story/nightmare about my 2002 Oldsmobile Alero repairs.

My car has been in for repairs since April 30th, 2015.

Monday, June 15th, 2015 At 3:26 p.m. Doug Pattridge, owner of Central Union Autos called me. He told me that he got the tool. That it's on it's way. Doug then tells me that some guy that will be working on my car knows a little bit more than the guys he's had working for him. He's helped work on a truck that Doug owns. We then got cut off as Doug was using his cell phone.

He called me right back and proceeded to tell me about finding the leak on my car and getting things squared away. They will be flushing it all out. The radiator? I then asked what tool he had mentioned. I didn't remember his mentioning needing a tool last time we spoke. He said the tool that pressurizes the line. It will blow air out. He said he was glad this other guy was coming to help him. Doug then went on to say that these other guys he had working for him had been lying to him out what they know. That it was leading him and his customers along. Uh No! I feel that he is the one leading the customers along. He is the one misleading people into thinking that he has hired qualified workers. Anyway he said he was going to have a talk with his workers.

Doug then starts telling me that he is on his way to Manthey's in Mauston to get a couple parts for his truck. It needs a bumper and something else. Then tells me that my car will be his 1st priority. He then proceeds to go on about the part that he bought from Carquest and how it cost him $58 through Carquest but would have cost him $150 at other places. How Carquest charges more for their supplies than other places but something about dedicated customers and getting the best deals. He ended the conversation by saying that he will call me tomorrow after checking the system on my car. I will be waiting.

To be continued...

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Total $2791.76

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Lesson learned: Do not take your car to be repaired to a business that is just starting up.


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