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This is my story/nightmare about my 2002 Oldsmobile Alero repairs.

My car has been in for repairs since April 30th, 2015.

Monday, June 22nd, 2015 At 6:13 p.m. Doug Pattridge, owner of Central Union Autos called me. I asked him how he was doing. He said he was trying to hang in there. Proceeded to tell me that there were 3 different things found that had been done wrong on my car. That my car is going to be taken apart back down to the head.

Doug said that he is irate, pissed off at these guys that he hired as mechanics for his shop. He needs to give me their names. Let me post their names online so that their dishonesty can be found out in case they try to get jobs somewhere else and do the same thing to someone else. One thing he said they did wrong was broke a bracket that holds the alternator in place. They had it too tight. Also a bolt was missing. I said that they probably have nothing to say for themselves. Doug said they also broke a distributor on a vehicle of his and something about breaking or ruining batteries. He said that he was just calling me to let me know that my car is at the other auto shop.

More was said then about these guys ruining his name. I mentioned that I had said online that I would be slow in taking my car to just anyone in the future. That I would want to see certificates or some credentials. Told Doug that I know it can't be easy hiring people. That it must be difficult checking references.

Well Doug said that Tuesday, June 23rd, the head will be taken to Reedsburg, Wisconsin and that then it will be put back together by Wednesday or Thursday. By Friday it will be back in working order I was told. I hope so and I'm sure that Doug does too. Yes this has all been very unfortunate and yes Doug Pattridge does seem to be a nice guy that perhaps just bit off more than he could chew or as he has said these mechanics he hired lied to him about their knowledge and experience.

Now as far as my posting online about all of this. I feel that I have a right to. I do have a heart and do feel bad that it may be affecting his business and reputation. It won't stop me from posting. At least for now, until I get my car back. And doesn't the public have the right to know the facts as they are? Don't others have a right to know experiences that someone has had with a business? Isn't that why there are online reviews for businesses?

I have noticed that the conversations that Doug and I have tend to jump back and forth between subjects. Hmmm not sure what I wanted to say about that really. Let's see my mind has now wandered back to .... lol Just kidding. Anyway yeah the conversations sort of bounce back and forth on different things. Oh well.

Blood drive coordinator retires after 43 years:

"At Wonewoc, you get fed," she said. "You will get barbecue. You don't have to bring your own lunch. We will feed them."

"While visitors won't see Pattridge at the events anymore, they will still get to have the barbecue. The new blood drive coordinator insisted, and Pattridge had to comply. It is her son Doug Pattridge taking over after all."

Blood drive coordinator retires after 43 years:


*Note: In my opinion, I don't see how Doug Pattridge will be able to handle things for a blood drive when he is having a difficult time getting organized with his business. Just my opinion mind you.


To be continued...

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Total $2791.76

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Lesson learned: Do not take your car to be repaired to a business that is just starting up.


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