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This is my story/nightmare about my 2002 Oldsmobile Alero repairs.

My car has been in for repairs since April 30th, 2015.

Thursday, June 18th, 2015 At 6:07 p.m. Doug Pattridge, owner of Central Union Autos called me. He tells me that he has decided to subcontract the work on my car out to another guy that has more experience. That he hired guys without the experience. That it was his choice to make and that he's stuck with it. He mentions something about my posts online then says that he should have checked these guys out. That they pulled the wool over his eyes. He says something about not a good time, starting out, making a name for himself.

Doug then goes on to say that he is trying to get my car back to me and it to be a good experience. He goes on to say something again about starting out a business and that my posts online about this experience have been noticed. That someone told him about it.

He then brings up subcontracting it out again. Doug goes on to say that he needs to order stuff to have it redone. That he has to pay for the parts. Something about better costs for parts. That way he only has to pay for the labor to be done. He says something about responsibilities as a business owner. Goes on to ask if I would delete my posts online when the work on my car is done and back to me. I told him that I can understand that. That if it is affecting his business I can see that he'd want me to take them down. Told him that I could do that. BUT. Yeah that's a big but. BUT should I? I told him that I was venting.

Doug then goes on about his workers again. How unorganized they were. How he has been cleaning and organizing things around the shop for the last week and a half. He then tells me that he will call to let me know when the work gets started on my car and the projected finish date. I asked how long it should take. He says total 8 hours. End of conversation.

To whoever it was that mentioned my online posts to Doug, I'd like to have been a fly on the wall when you mentioned it to him. Was it an, "OMG she's putting out a bad name for you." type of thing? Or was it a "What's taking you so long to get this woman's car back to her?"

My Mother and I just finished discussing my posts online and Mom says that I should take my posts down once I get the car back. As she put it she wouldn't want to be the one to have ruined someones business. BUT as I told Mom I am only putting it out there as it truly is. Pure truth and sometimes that hurts. If it's hurting a business well it's not my posts that are hurting the business rather it is the business' actions or work that is helping or hurting the business.

Another suggestion from Mom. She suggested that I post about how dedicated Doug has been as to getting my car back to me in good running condition. Yes he has been dedicated to my car. Hmmm. Would have been nice if his dedication had been a little quicker but yeah he has been dedicated in getting the work done right. Now subcontracting it out as he is that too is in my best interests or the best interest of my car so I suppose I should be thankful for that. I would like to know where it is being subcontracted out to though. Do I have the right to know that? I would think so.

To be continued...

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Total $2791.76

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Lesson learned: Do not take your car to be repaired to a business that is just starting up.


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